Frequent questions about rack fit:

Will the rack work with my brakes?

The rack is designed to work with almost all styles of brakes: Cantilever, V brake, disc, side pull, etc.

What is the weight limit of the rack?

The weight limit is 25lbs.

The rack has been load tested to handle upwards of 190 lbs. without fail in a non-rolling bicycle.

As you add more weight to the rack, the steering becomes less responsive, so the weight limit is set to find a balance between safety and function.

Is the light post standard? 

Yes! Every rack comes with a light post. It has a M6 threaded barrel on the right (drive) side of the rack. With this you can attach a Gino light mount for a battery powered light, or if you have a generated light, you can just bolt it right to it.

An optional second light post is available for $30. This is a great option for running dual lighting setups. FYI, there is no internal wiring for the non drive side.

Does the rack come with internal wiring for lights?

Yes! Every rack comes with internal wiring option on the right (drive side).  The wire enters at the light and exits at through the drop-out.

Can I attach fenders when there is only one set of eyelets at the fork tip? 

Yes! If you have a drop-out that looks like this. There is an extra set of mounting points on the drop-out of the rack to accommodate fenders when the rack is mounted.

Do you do custom work? 

I do not make custom racks, but I try to accommodate different leg lengths or modifications to beds. For example, I will make a super tall leg for 29 plus side wheels, or add tubes to better fit bags. If there is something within reason, I will try to accommodate your needs.

Can you do custom colors?

Yes, sort of.

If you want a custom color and my powder coater has it in stock, it is a $60 up charge.

If you want to color match your frame, i.e. you have a RAL number and my powder coater does not have it in stock, it will be $100 to start.

Like most things, it can get complicated: does your color require a base color or a clear coat? Maybe, but maybe not. If the is the case, the cost can go up from there. This is not a click and buy option so please reach out to me directly at to talk about it.

Questions not answered here?

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