Rack Fit

Rack fit is determined by many factors:

  • Length of fork leg

  • How many eyelets are at the fork tips

  • If your fork has a mounting hole at the crown

  • Tire size that the frame / fork can accommodate

All of these questions are asked on the order page and I will determine what the best fit is for your bike after the order is placed. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: info@passandstowracks.com

How does the rack attach?

The rack attaches to either the upper or lower eyelets at the bottom of the fork and the center hole at the fork crown.

Where the rack DOES NOT attach to:

  • It does not mount to mid-fork leg eyelets.

  • It does not mount to eyelets on the top of a fork crown.

  • It does not work with fork without eyelets of any kind.

  • It does not mount to a suspension fork of any kind.

If you have questions about your particular bike, please email me: info@passandstowracks.com

Photos can really help here too so please send some along.