• Standard

    This fits from 26" up to 700x35c tire size with a fender (mounted to the lower fork eyelets). 

    The length is 14.5 in. (368.3mm) from eyelet to bottom of the deck.

  • Tall

    This works with tire sizes over 700x35c and up to a 29er. The length is 15.25 in. (387.35mm) from eyelet to bottom of the deck.

  • Custom and New Sizes Coming Soon

    Custom lengths available, please contact me via email. In 2024 I will be having a slow launch of new leg lengths and sizes, please stay tuned on Instagram!


Five Rail: 11"x12.5" (center to center) OR 27.94 cm x 31.75 cm

Three Rail: 6.375" x 13" (center to center) OR 16.19 cm x 33 cm

Rack Weight

Five Rail: 2 lb 1 oz (935.55 g)

Three Rail:1 lb 13 oz (815 g)

*Above weights are with all nuts, bolts, and mounting hardware

The rack is fully brass brazed using 4130 chromoly aircraft tubing, same tubing as steel bicycle frames.

Racks are powder coated with color choices of silver or black. Unpainted is an option as well, if you plan to have it paint matched. Not available if you want an unpainted rack.

Break-apart design:

  • Allows for travel ease, use the big platform on a tour and still be able to get it in a bike box for shipping.

Does the rack carry panniers?

Ortlieb bags with the QL2 mounting hardware work great and are what I use for touring and shopping. Other bags should work great too, but please contact the manufacturer or me to be sure.

Does the rack accommodate lights?

1. There is a built-in light post that works with both battery powered lights (using an optional custom made Gino light mount, which I sell) and Dyno lights.

2. If a generator hub is something you have or are interested in, the rack is ready for it. The light post holds the light secure and the wire neatly runs inside the leg for a clean fit-up.

3. There is an Optional post on the left leg (non-drive) lets you run two lights at once. This is located in the store for purchase with a new rack.

Does the rack work with fenders?

A lot of forks only have one set of eyelets, so if you want to install a rack, you would have a difficult decision to make: fenders or rack. No fear! Standard on all racks are a set of mounting points for fenders: rack attaches to bike and fenders attach to rack.