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Rack: Five Rail

Rack: Five Rail

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Handmade in Oakland, CA!

Carry panniers, a basket, groceries, or all your things for a bike tour.

All racks come standard and ready for a Dyno light with internal wiring from light to hub.

If you prefer a battery powered light, a Gino is a good idea. It keeps the light below the rack deck where it’s safe. It also puts the light where it will not be blocked by stuff on the top of the rack, like on your handlebar.

—LEG OPTIONS—: I currently sell a CLASSIC LEG and a CARGO LEG. The cargo leg has two sets of three M5 threaded eyelets to accommodate a whole host of cages and bags. Here is a link for more info about cages / bags.

If you are interested, here is the installation instructions for the rack. See how it fits up!

Most racks are in stock, some might need a few weeks to get ready to ship, we will notify you if that’s the case!


LEG OPTION (See Description Above)
Tire Width and Wheel Size - Largest tire that can fit on your bike!
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